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Top Tips for Getting Rid of Acne

Having acne can affect your confidence and make you feel uncomfortable. It can affect people of all ages and there are many different ways of getting rid of acne. The question is, which one is best for you?

When it comes to getting rid of acne people will try anything. The problem is that there are so many fake miracle solutions that will not get rid of anything other than you money. Acne is caused by bacteria and high levels of sebrum. Sebrum is made by your hair follicles and is an oil that will mix with the skin cells in the follicles and then eventually reach the top of your skin causing a spot. When the sebrum gets mixed with bacteria it will then begin to from acne vulgaris and subsequently you may begin to develop acne on your body.

To successfully get rid of acne you have to be dedicated enough to stick to a daily routine. If you follow the following tips getting rid of your acne may be a simple process:

  • Keep yourself as clean as possible. Not surprisingly enough a great deal of the spots that occur are caused by dirt and bacteria. This bacteria is accumulated on your hands and other areas. We touch our face more often than we realize and subsequently the bacteria will travel from your hands and onto your face. Make sure to wash your hands as often as necessary to avoid transferring bacteria from your hands to your face.
  • Wash your face twice a day. Where possible buy professional skin products, especially if your acne is bad. Use a facial wash in conjunction with an exfoliator. The exfoliator should be used once every two days. This regime will help to clean your face and rid of the dirt and germs that are causing your acne. Do not wash your face to vigorously, try be as gentle as possible.
  • Check your make-up and make sure to take it off. If you are a woman suffering from acne, you probably use make up to cover up the blemishes. This make-up could seriously be affecting your acne and making it worse. When your skin is caked in make-up it cannot breathe. If you insist on wearing make-up to cover up your spots, try purchase hyper allergenic products and above all remember to take it off at night.
  • De-stress yourself. Stress causes spots. Find something in your life that can help to alleviate some of your stress. Exercising is a fantastic way to alleviate stress, on top of that it will provide you with endorphins and make you lose weight. Often overweight people are prone to acne due to their diets and lack of exercise. Remember to wash yourself properly after exercising as the sweat can aggravate the acne.

These tips for getting rid of acne are just the basic ways in which you can help your situation. If you are suffering from extremely bad acne it is best to seek the advice of the professionals who can diagnose your symptoms properly.