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Why Does My Acne Keep Coming Back? Getting Rid of Acne For Good

How It All Started:

When I was younger, around 14-17 years old, I was struggling with acne. What I thought was going to be just a few pimples here and there, actually ended up being a mountain of pimples on my face. I tried everything from Clean and Clear and even Stridex. NOTHING worked. I even tried the facial scrubs, lotion, creams, and nothing worked. I was forced to go to school looking like a monster from a horror movie. I’ve heard about treatments, like Proactiv, but I was on a budget.

My brother and beautiful skin. I was the only one suffering from the torment of grumpy, pimple skin. You can just imagine how lonely I was, being banned from the popular crowd and forced to hang out with “losers”.

The Truth About Acne:

After awhile, as I got older, I started trying home remedies. Some worked and some didn’t. After a few experiments, I thought about I had an epiphany. “Why not research the skin and how it work?”, I thought. After doing some research, I learned acne is curable through a proper diet. Doctors will not inform you on such information because money is made from you purchasing their products.

Things to remember:

  1. Acne is curable with a proper diet
  2. Products will not work
  3. The Health Industry gets paid to solve your problem
  4. Curing acne is as simple as seeing the blue shade of the sky

So lets dig a little bit deeper.

1. Acne is Curable With a Proper Diet:

Acne is just the by-product of an incorrect diet plan. In our society, we rely heavily on acidic foods and drinks. We substitute water with chemically, intoxicated, fruit juices. We eat fast food instead of whole, healthy, food. We also live very stressful lives. As a result, acne is formed. It’s hard for the digestive system to get rid of excessive oily food, so it gets help from the skin. The skin tries to eliminate the excessive oils by pushing it through the pores. The pores are then clogged and acne is formed.


2. Products Will Not Work:

Products will not work because the problem is not an “outside” problem. The root cause is from the inside. Most products contain harmful ingredients that are used to pop pimples. Even after the pimple is gone, another will appear. Why? The cause is not from the outside, it’s from our negative eating habits and stressful living.


3. The Health Industry Gets Paid To Solve Your Problem:

The Health Industry needs you to have problems. From your problem, they create a solution. That solution will not cure the problem but only work on the effects. That way, the underlying cause is still present and they still earn revenue from the products they release.

It’s a cycle:

1. Problem

2. Solution aids problem

3. New solution is needed.


4. Curing Acne Is As Simple As Seeing The Blue Shade Of The Sky:

It’s simple. Change your diet, exercise, sleep, meditate, and drink plenty of water.