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Nurses – Be Prepared for On The Job Challenges

Nurses that work like saviors, put in their heart and emotions to standby to their jobs and responsibilities to save lives and cure the infected without compromises or disinterest. Their patient-centric attitude and commitment to serve relentlessly often put them into situations and environment that are tiring, have risk of infections, exposure to hazards and testing their limits.

The key challenges that are frequently faced by healthcare workers and medical attendants are shared below. Moreover, there are ways to tackle and crossover the hurdles in such circumstances, if followed by the books can save you from the outcry.

Working Hours – Longer it gets, tiring it becomes.

  • Nurses work in extended shifts that keeps on rotating and scheduling as per the demand. Working in back-to-back shifts in day and night cause extreme fatigue and tiredness. The job is exhausting and calls for physical endurance, emotional stability along with empathetic attitude towards patients.
  • Being a nurse, you need to take charge of many things from assessing patient to administering medications, from keeping patient record to medical paperwork and lot more, this becomes psychologically draining too.
  • However, healthcare organizations and hospitals ensure convenient and flexible working conditions for nurses, until there is critical demand or manpower crisis.

Exposure to Hazards – Medicines, Drugs or Test Samples can be Fatal.

  • Harmful chemicals, body fluids, medications and drugs, radiations, equipment sterilizing chemicals and strong cleaning agents are things that come across every day in a nurse’s work profile. This constant exposure is detrimental for the health of nursing professionals.
  • To safeguard and protect themselves, nurses should wear a face mask and gloves whenever they get in such situation or come in contact of harmful substances. To ensure good health of nurses and other medical staff, hospitals and medical centers provide sufficient number of protection gears and ensure the safest way for the disposal of used materials.

Risk of Infections & Diseases – They are Plenty

  • Nurses and other medical staff involved in providing patient care, surgeries and medications makes them vulnerable to various infections and diseases. Since, they regularly come in contact with patients, there are chances for even the fittest of them to get affected.
  • To overcome this, it is imperative that nurses must take adequate vitamins to keep their immunity strong and keep themselves protected with necessary vaccinations. It is quite essential that nurses should adopt better health and safety practices in their day-to-day lives.

Unbalanced Nurse-to-Patient Ratio-That is the Testing Times.

  • With the increasing cost in retaining medical staff and the shortage of registered trained nurses, healthcare facilities are facing a tough time. It has been observed that hospitals are spending more for keeping pace with the advanced technology rather than recruiting required nursing staff and this resulted in an unbalanced nurse-to-patient-ratio.
  • To address this challenge, there are initiatives and policies with exclusive privileges and benefits to increase the supply of nursing professionals.